Invisible Catering

Eclectic Catering – Cookouts, buffet dinners, buffet appetizers or social set-up.

Our goal when catering, is to create a setting that allows guests to mingle easily. Appetizers may be set out in strategic areas that encourages folks to move about the party space or guests may play a part in deciding what ingredients are included in something like a grilled pizza or Asian wrap.

Private Parties – Be a guest at your own party (Holiday, Anniversary, Birthday, Graduation, Bachelorette, Bachelor, Showers, etc…).

Have you ever thought “I’d love to have a cookout and invite all my friends but it’s too much work getting all the food together. I just want to have fun.”? We can take care of it for you and it’s not just about plain old burgers and dogs. We’ll still keep it casual but kick up the flavors and fun. How about having a Burger and Brat Bar, where your guests can choose their favorite bread, or other vessel, then load up on their favorite toppings.

Maybe you have something a little more elegant or even exotic in mind for a holiday or anniversary party. We can meet with you to go over your needs and create a custom event in your home.

Your idea or ours! – Call us with your unique culinary service needs.