(V) – Vegetarian
(GF)- Gluten Free


Entrees include house salad

Thai Veggie Curry & Jasmine Rice10.5 (GF) (V)
green curry, coconut cream, squash, peppers, onion.

Gyoza Teishoku12.5 (V)
6 pc. pork or veggie gyoza, red miso soup, rice

Veggie Basil Pesto Pasta Bowl12 (V)
penne, pesto, squash, peppers, onion – add roasted chicken breast for $3.50

Roasted Chicken Romesco & Potatoes14
herb roasted chicken breast, house romesco sauce, roasted potatoes

Meatballs & Pasta Bowl13
white wine sautéed penne, squash, peppers and onion with 5 house meatballs

Roasted Chicken Pasta Bowl12.5
herb roasted chicken breast, white wine sautéed penne, squash, peppers and onion

Grown-ups’ Mac n’ Cheese10.5 (V)
aged Irish white cheddar, Madagascar clove, baked to a bubbly crispy browned top

House-made Quiche of the Day with Meat or Veggies10 (V)
classic French quiche with herbs de provence


House-made dressings
Sweet Mustard Vinaigrette • Greek Yogurt Dill Ranch • Chipotle Ranch • Red Wine Vinaigrette

Bird, Bacon & Blue Salad12.5 (GF) – without croutons
mixed greens salad, roasted chicken breast, thick cut bacon, Danish blue cheese crumbles, house-made croutons, sweet mustard vinaigrette

Caprese Chicken Salad / Insalata di pollo caprese11.5 (GF) – without croutons
mixed greens salad, roasted chicken breast, basil pesto, tomato, marinated fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, house-made croutons and red wine vinaigrette

Taquitos Salad12
mixed greens salad, 3 big pieces of our pan-fried, crispy, poblano chicken taquitos, 2 chipotle ranch dressings – one for pouring; one for dipping

Meatballs Salad10
mixed greens salad, house-made meatballs sliced, parmesan, basil, croutons and Greek Yogurt Dill Ranch

Organic Quinoa Cakes Salad sm 9 / lg 12 (GF) (V)
mixed greens salad, chickpea bell pepper and coriander spiced quinoa cakes, pickled asparagus, parmesan, sweet mustard vinaigrette


Includes choice of house salad or roasted potatoes.

Meatball Salami Panini on Focaccia12
house meatballs made with Boulder Sausage and lean beef, Genoa salami, mozzarella, basil pesto, tomato on Fiddletown Bakery’s focaccia

Cheesy Zucchini Panini on Focaccia12
herb roasted zucchini, roasted red pepper, tomato, mozzarella, basil pesto on Fiddletown Bakery’s focaccia

Meatball Sandwich11
house meatballs made with Boulder Sausage and lean beef, basil pesto mayo, lettuce, tomato on Fiddletown Bakery’s hoagie roll

Roasted Chicken Sandwich 10
herb roasted chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, lemon herb mayo on Fiddletown Bakery’s hoagie roll. Add bacon $2


Handmade Pork & Scallion Gyoza 7
6 pieces with saké soy dipping sauce

Handmade Vegetable Gyoza 7 (V)
6 pieces with saké soy dipping sauce

Gyoza Party 12.5
6 vegetable, 6 pork & scallion with saké soy dipping sauce

Meatball Sampler9
6 meatballs, 4 dipping sauces

Salsa Romesco 5.5 (V)
house Catalan romesco sauce with bread and veggie dippers

Taquitos de Pollo Poblano5.5
4 pieces shredded chicken breast, onion, poblano pepper, flour tortilla

Caprese Bruschetta6 (V)
4 pieces fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, pesto, on toast

Antipasti of the Day10.5 (GF – by request)
cheeses, cured meat, pickles, olives, crostini

Quinoa Cakes4.5 (GF) (V)
2 pieces organic quinoa chickpea cakes with spicy sour cream dip

Bandelliras4.5 (GF) (V)
4 pieces pickle skewers

3 Roasted Vegetable Spiedini (GF) (V)4

Furikake Edamame (GF) 4
soybeans in pod with dried sour plum sprinkle

Misoshiru (GF) 4.5
Japanese red miso soup

Roasted Potatoes with Asian BBQ Sauce (GF) (V)5.5

Herb Butter Focaccia Toast (V)2

Check out our chef’s board for daily tapas specials!


Warm Brownie et Crème 8
fudgy brownie, brownie crumble ice cream, fresh whipped cream, chocolate sauce

Banana Brownie Bread Pudding 8
banana bread, banana, brownie crumbles, chocolate sauce – (enough to share)

Tarte aux Pommes 7.5
slice of warm sour apple tart, brown sugar & warm spices – (enough to share)

Walnut Crunch Frozen Cheesecake7.5
walnut, caramel, oatmeal crumble, graham cracker crust cheesecake

Ice Cream Scoop 2.5
vanilla or brownie crumble


French Press Coffee (caf/decaf)cup 3 | half carafe 6 | carafe 9

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea with Lemon 2

Oogave Soda (watermelon cream, mandarin key lime or cola) 3

Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water2.5

Soda (coke, diet, sprite) 1.5



Loscano Private Reserve Chardonnay 2009, Argentina
glass 5 | ½ carafe 10 | full carafe 20

Loscano Private Reserve Torrontes 2009, Argentina
glass 6.50 | ½ carafe 12 | full carafe 25

Loscano Grand Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, Argentina
glass 7.50 | ½ carafe 14 | full carafe 29

Loscano Private Reserve Malbec 2009, Argentina
glass 6.50 | ½ carafe 12 | full carafe 25

Loscano Private Reserve Merlot 2009, Argentina
glass 6.50 | ½ carafe 12 | full carafe 25


Grandin Brut, Sparkling White Wine, France
split 9

Villa Moscato 2010, France
bottle 28 | glass 8

Crin Roja Rosado 2010, Spain
bottle 25 | glass 7

Nugget Point Pinot Noir 2010, New Zealand
bottle 32 | glass 9

Crin Roja Tempranillo 2010, Spain
bottle 28 | glass 8

Crin Roja Cabernet Sauvingnon / Syraho 2011, Spain
bottle 28 | glass 8

Casas del Bosque Carmenere 2009, Chile
bottle 28 | glass 9

Hook & Ladder Station 10 Red Wine 2010, Sonoma, CA
bottle 32 | glass 9

Casa Del Bosque Carignan 2008, Chile
bottle 38

Les Trois Couronnes Gigondas , France
bottle 40


New Belgium 4
Sunshine Wheat, 1554 Enlightened Black Ale, Seasonal

Pateros Creek 5
Old Town Ale (Kolsch), Cache la Porter (Brown Porter)

On Tap 3.5
Please check our current selections on the chalkboard behind the bar


Saké Sour 4.5
a refreshing cocktail with lemon & soda

Umeshu 5
sour plum wine (sweet / tart). Good for digestion

Joukan 5.5
hot saké (Japanese rice wine)